Welcome to our Morocco Hotel

The Capaldi is a Moroccan hotel that embraces the roots of its location. Visitors from all over the world visit this hotel maroc, with it’s impressive gardens and facilities that make it stand head and shoulders above other Morocco hotels. Our staff are trained to cater for your every need, and our rooms are unparalleled in their cleanliness, design and beauty. To experience the best that Morocco has to offer, stay with us and let us organise your trips, excursions, walks, restaurants and activities so you can be rest assured you get the most out of your time here.

The iconic city of Marrakech is known as the ‘jewel’ of Morocco. It is also known as the red city. Marrakech is a red/ rose colour as is The Capaldi Hotel which blends perfectly into rural earthiness of the surrounding villages. The walls of pize - a mixture of earth, water and straw and the bejmat tiled flooring combine to give the reddish appearance. The High Atlas mountains of which Marrakech nestle into is one of the reasons Morocco is famous around the world. Morocco has long been the trading place where east meets west.

Morocco is a stable and safe Muslim monarchy, famous for the Berber people living from Tangier in the North right down to the Sahara desert in the South. The Capaldi Hotel based almost in the centre. Morocco is a culture of Arabs, Berbers and Jews living side by side in harmony, as they have done for thousands of years. A fabulous destination to learn about culture, history and fascinating traditions. The Capaldi brings you the best of Morocco, from our Riad in the heart of Marrakech, to our lavish Atlas Mountain hotel. Read The Capaldi Hotel reviews and book a room at our Marrakech Riad or Atlas Mountain Hotel today.